Lambretta Cable Set Complete - SIP Performance - Grey


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Product Overview


for Lambretta 125 LI/​Special/​150 LI/​Special/​SX/​175 TV/​200 SX/​TV

for Lambretta DL/​GP 125-200
  • with PE Inliner sleeve
  • grey
  • steel, zinc plated
  • 2xgear, 1xclutch, 1xthrottle, 1xchoke, 1xbrake front, 1xbrake rear


The product of this development process, the SIP Performance Control Cables, fulfil all demands made on modern control cables.

  • Especially stable, torsion-free cable-outers.
  • High-end, race-proven quality.
  • Exact lengths for specific scooter models.
  • No further modification or adjustment necessary, plug & play!
  • Gearbox control cables individually marked (1-1,2-2) at both ends
  • Rust-free stainless steel cable inners.
  • Welded cable-inner ends.
  • All outer cables lined with a PE material.
  • 7 x 7 single-strands for the throttle cable-inners, extremely flexible even when sharply bent.
  • 19 single-strands for the clutch, brake and gear control cable-inners for increased durability.
  • Gear control cables are pre-stretched to ensure precise operation with a rounded profile.
  • Clutch and both brake cables are pre-lubricated.
  • Wire rope hoists can also be installed with original sheaths



(No reviews yet) Write a Review