BGM Inner Cable Set for Vespas and Lambrettas


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Product Overview

This is the perfect thing to carry with you on your Vintage scooter as you are basically guaranteed to have every single cable inner you may ever need if you break one on the road.


  • 2x Ø=1,9mm x 2100mm (nipple bulb type, used as clutch cable / brake cable front),

  • 2x Ø=1,6mm x 2100mm (nipple Ø=5,5mm x 7mm, used as shift cable)

  • 1x Ø=1,2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø=5.5mm x 7mm, used as throttle cable)

  • 1x Ø=1.2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø=3.0mm x 3mm, used as throttle cable)

Be the hero the next time one of your friends breaks a cable on a ride as you swoop in to save the day.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review