BGM Lambretta S1-GP/DL Teflon Lined Cable Set


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Product Overview

Complete BGM Teflon lined cable set in grey for all Lambretta S1-GP/DL models except TV1.

Fits all models although not correct color for GP/DL/Serveta models as those use black cables.

Includes Gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, throttle cable, additionally a long internal throttle cable for the use of larger carburetors, choke cable and soldering nipples to adjust the length for non-original carburetors

*Something of note*

GP/DL models use a longer choke cable and a slightly different length carb cable. That means that if you have a GP motor in a Series 3 or are running a Jetex or SH2/20 Carburetor, things can be not totally straight forward but it all can be made to work. It also means that the correct black cable set for your Serveta is going to experience a few bumps during installation since they don't use the GP/DL length choke or throttle cables.

Best cable set on the market!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review