BGM PRO Vespa Fuel Tap Wrench - Large Frame


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Product Overview

P-Nut says "By far the greatest fuel tap wrench in the universe!"

Uses instead of a simple open-end wrench a modern multi-tooth like a ring spanner. This makes it quicker and easier to grip and turn the nut of the fuel tap.

Simple, easy, good!

Suitable for all Vespa with a fuel tap nut with a wrench size of 32mm and a filling diameter larger than Ø35mm. This applies to all vehicles with removable fuel filler cap as (PK XL, PX Lusso, T5 etc.) as well as the vehicles with large hinged filler cap (All Wideframe, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, VNB, VBB, etc.). Not suitable for tanks with small hinged lid (Smallframe V50, 50N, V90, 90 Racer, PV125, ET3, Motovespa).

  • The Vespa models Rally180/200 and GS160/SS180 use a tank with a strongly offset filler opening.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review