Electronic Ignition -BGM PRO HP V4.0 AC- Lambretta LI, SX, TV


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Product Overview

The BGM electronic ignition for Lambrettas is still one of the best ignitions available on the market. The version is AC so no battery is needed or utilized when installed.

We recommend these for stock or modified Lambrettas as they produce strong and reliable spark and lighting.

Includes stator, flywheel, CDI and voltage regulator. Does not include the cdi/regulator mount but we stock those for both the Series 1/2 and Series 3/GP/Serveta. For easier installation, pair with a simplified electronic ignition wiring harness and our own regulator plug kit.

This particular one is designed to fit the LI/SX/TV crank taper so it will fit any S1-GP Lambretta fitted with an LI/SX/TV crank.

(Does not fit TV1 models but what does?)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review