Lambretta Complete Engine Bearing Kit-LI/TV/SX

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Complete Lambretta LI/TV/SX Engine Bearing Kit

Includes all the necessary bearings needed to rebuild your Lambretta engine.

rebuilding your engine easy and more affordable. 


Chain Side Crank Bearing SKF 6305

Mag Side Crank Bearing SKF NU 205

Endplate Gear Cluster Bearing SKF 6004

Gear Cluster Needle Bearing

Endplate layshaft Needle Bearing

2 x Crownwheel Needle Roller Bearings (Used in all original S1-S3 Crownwheels)

S1-GP/DL Rear Hub Bearing-Made in Italy

Fits all S2/S3 Lambrettas using a stock LI/TV/SX Crankshaft models. Also fits Series 1's that have been fitted with a S2-GP Mag Flange and S2-S3 LI/TV SX Crankshaft.

Does not fit TV1's but nothing does. If you own one, I assume you already know this...

Don't forget to order seals, gaskets and a new crank while you are at it!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review