Vespa GTS Variator Holding Tool


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Product Overview

Holding tool for blocking the pulley on the crankshaft


Whether changing the V-belt, installing the sport vario or simply replacing worn vario rollers - the fact is, the pulley has to come down. Since not everyone has an impact wrench and it is not exactly gentle on the crankshaft stub, we recommend using the special SIP variator holding tool. What are the advantages of the holding tool for the variator?

  • Needed to fix / loosen the variator nut
  • Easy handling
  • Practical for workshop and on the road

The holding tool is needed to loosen and fix the Vario nut. To do this, the tool is placed on the pulley with the two retaining lugs and screwed to the motor housing by means of the bushing and the screw. Now you can easily loosen/tighten the nut with a ratchet or torque spanner. No workshop should be without this tool, but it is also advisable to have the holding tool with you at all times when touring. Anyone who has ever tried to change a broken V-belt in the middle of nowhere without a holding tool will know how important the small holding tool can be for the Vario.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review