Malossi - Vespa GTS Exhaust

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Fits Vespa GT & GTS

Malossi have once again extended their range of exhaust systems to now include the 'Black Edition' line to their MALOSSI 'RX' series. Similar to other exhausts in the 'RX' range, they are equipped with a carbon fibre end-cap on the silencer and weight, on average, only 3.5 Kg – considerably less than versions produced by rival manufacturers. In contrast to the existing 'RX' pipes, with an aluminum silencer, the 'Black Edition allows the inclusion of a catalytic converter cartridge between the silencer and the rest of the exhaust. This qualifies it for both E9 and E5 certification. The inclusion of the catalytic unit has no effect on the power output of the pipe, although its overall shape has also been slightly redesigned. This new form relocates the silencer, so creating a more harmonious overall look. Its total length has also lost an inch or so. If you require a little extra power in your set up, look no further. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review