Genuine 4T Motor Oil (5W40, Full Synthetic MA-2); 1 Quart

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Product Overview

Motorcycle engines are typically configured to have a manual transmission housed within the same engine case as the crank and piston. This configuration relies on one oil to provide lubrication for both the engine and the wet clutch transmission. This means you need an oil that lubricates your engine while still allowing the proper amount of friction for your clutch plates to engage.

JASO MA-2 oil delivers the desired level of friction needed to prevent slippage of the clutch while also providing sufficient lubricating ability for the gearbox, piston and other engine components.

Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO MA2, API SN Motorcycle Oil is a fully synthetic motorcycle oil, specifically designed to meet the most current performance requirements of the JASO T903-2016 MA2 and API SN service standards. 

Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO MA2, API SN Motorcycle Oil uses a state of the art additive package that has been designed and tested to provide excellent wear protection, prevention from rust and oxidation, provide optimal clutch performance, and maintain proper frictional characteristics as required by the current JASO MA2 standard.

Genuine 5W40 Motor Oil Synthetic JASO MA2 product meets the exact specifications recommended by Piaggio, Vespa, and other European scooter and motorcycle companies.


CAUTION: Continuous contact with used motor oils has caused skin cancer in animal tests. Avoid prolonged contact. Wash skin with soap and water after contact.


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review