AF Rayspeed 42mm Twin Tip Big Bore Exhaust

AF Rayspeed

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Product Overview

Look, building Lambrettas is expensive. Sometimes you can't afford the latest and greatest box-type exhaust for $300+.

Don't worry, we get it. We have started stocking affordable box type exhausts like the UNI and this AF Rayspeed Twin Tip Big Bore so you don't always have to sell your kidney to get something cool.

May require some fettling to fit but it's a classic big bore exhaust at a fair price.

Pair this exhaust with whatever you would like but it is perfect for a stock engine or a touring kit like the Mugello.

Fits all Series 1**-GP Lambretta models using the standard oval port exhaust. (Stock, RT, Mugello, etc)

*Does not fit RB cylinders,TV1's, TS1's or Imolas*

**Will not fit Series 1's using the stock cylinder as they are shorter. You will need to fit a kit or later cylinder to fit on these models**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review