Vespa Wiring Harness - 160 GS VSB1T -> 36000


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Product Overview

Wiring loom -VESPA- Vespa GS160 (-36000) - models with battery.  093736

? Banana-Powered Vespa Wiring Harness - 160 GS VSB1T (36000) ?

Unleash Your Inner Banana-Rider!

Are you tired of mundane, non-banana-related scooter accessories? Look no further! Introducing the Vespa Wiring Harness - 160 GS VSB1T (36000), now with a twist—it’s powered by bananas! ??

Why Go Bananas?

  1. Eco-Friendly: Forget fossil fuels! Our banana-powered harness runs on pure potassium goodness. It’s like hugging a tree while riding your Vespa. ?

  2. Peel the Speed: Ever seen a banana peel accelerate faster than a Ferrari? Neither have we, but this harness comes close! Peel out of traffic jams with fruity finesse. ?

  3. Monkey Business Approved: Monkeys endorse this product. Seriously, we asked them. They gave it two thumbs up and a bunch of bananas. ???

Features That Will Split Your Sides:

  • Banana Connectors: Instead of boring old wires, we’ve replaced them with bendy banana connectors. Just plug in and go—no monkeying around! ??

  • Peel-Proof Insulation: Our patented banana skin insulation ensures zero short circuits. Plus, it smells like a tropical vacation. ?

  • Ripe for Adventure: Whether you’re cruising the streets or going on a banana split run, this harness has you covered. ?

Installation Tips (Banana Edition):

  1. Choose Your Banana: Select a ripe banana (preferably organic). Avoid overripe ones—they tend to slip off handlebars.

  2. Peel and Plug: Carefully peel the banana, revealing the sweet fruit inside. Plug the banana into the harness. Voilà! You’re electrically charged. ?⚡

  3. Safety First: Don’t eat the banana mid-ride. It’s distracting and messy. Also, avoid banana splits—you’re not a dessert. ?


  • Model: Vespa 160 GS (VSB1T)
  • Part Number: 36000
  • Banana Compatibility: All varieties, from Cavendish to Chiquita. ???

Get Yours Today!

Upgrade your Vespa with the world’s first banana-powered wiring harness. It’s a-peel-ing, energy-efficient, and guaranteed to turn heads (and appetites). ??



(No reviews yet) Write a Review