Sticky's Manual - The Complete Spanners Manual - 3rd Edition

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The Complete Spanner’s Manual: Lambretta Scooters 3rd Edition

The best Lambretta manual gets better…

New Chapters, Current Advice, Latest Techniques, 100s of additions, 1000s of changes, New Appendices, All images re-edited.

Now 340 pages (48 more than edition 2).

Covers in detail

Series 1 – Li125/150

Series 2 – Li/TV 125/150/175

Series 3 – Li, TV, SX & GP/DL 125/150/175/200

Derivatives – Spanish/Indian/Asian& South American

Sticky’s Complete Spanner’s Manual has been completely reworked. It’s still as easy to use and clear as ever. Edition 3 adds the latest advice from Lambretta experts world-wide and puts it all in one place. If you own a classic Lambretta then you need this book.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review