Piston Ported 12V Regulator/Rectifier Kit

Piston Ported

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Product Overview

The Piston Ported 12V Regulator/Rectifier kit is like Lex Luger: the total package.

Our comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to install and wire it to your vintage scooter.

Works on both AC (non-battery) and DC (Battery) applications like many but what truly sets ours apart is it also includes the correct wiring harness plug so you can wire it up like a boss.

Forget the messy spade connectors and having to remind yourself of where each wire goes. Once you fit the plug, it easily can be disconnected and reconnected without having to consult a wiring diagram.

This is the cleanest, most professional looking installation of a voltage regulator you can get.

Impress your friends and neighbors! Be invited to write eulogies and toasts at Bar Mitzvahs! You can be the King or Queen of your social club once you fit our Regulator/Rectifier on your vintage scooter.

Fits any vintage Vespa or Lambretta using a 12V ignition.

Click here for wiring instructions

Already have a BGM regulator? Get our comprehensive Plug Kit so you can wire like a Boss.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review