NCY Transmission Kit; SYM, Lance, Royal Alloy


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Smooth out your powerband with this NCY super trans kit! A must have for any Royal Alloy GT150 running a Scorpion Exhaust.

Enjoy quicker accelleration, higher top speeds, rapid down shifting and slow cruising.   Ultralight, balanced components, oversized wear pads, and state of the art polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings ensure superior performance and long service life, especially when compared to stock trans setups.  

This kit fits the Royal Alloy GT150 and various SYM-engined scooters. Lance Cali Classic, Havana Classic, PCH, Cabo (125, 150, 169cc) SYM Fiddle 200i (169) Lambretta V200


(No reviews yet) Write a Review