MotoBatt MB5.5U - Vespa P-Series

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Product Overview

"I love these sealed batteries for the P-Series!" P-Nut


This battery replaces the the  12N5.5-3B lead battery.  


Motobatt Quadflex batteries , the first and unique 4 terminal system, proposes the best balance between CCA and Amp hour capacity.
Due to utilizing the wasted space inside a standard battery case, Motobatt maximizes the dimensions of the plates internally. Additionally the plate grids are made thicker, and that with the additional density of the pasting improves the Amp Hour capacity, durability and Cold cranking Amps. Motobatt has completely changed the Powersport market by improving an old design.


*20% More Amp Hour capacity

* 20% More Cold Cranking Amps

* Heavy Duty Pure Lead Calcium cast grids for high strength

*More surface area per plate for superior performance and longevity

*Military grade Absorbed Glass Matt separators, vibration resistant

*Multi Terminal Design, Easy to add accessories

*Factory Activated, No Acid to fill, Simply check charge and go!

*Extremely low self discharge rate



(No reviews yet) Write a Review