Jockeys Boxenstop Lambretta Chain Tensioner

Jockeys Boxenstop

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Product Overview

We prefer top down chain tensioners on any tuned Lambretta as you do your best to dial in the gearing on the build, but you still may need to swap sprockets once you ride it to deliver the power where you want it.

The Jockeys Chain Tensioner can be used as either a top down or as a bottom up. As a top down, you can fit an 82 link chain so you can adjust the sprockets down the road without having to buy another chain. How nice is that? Plus no need to run "stretched" (worn out) chains on certain sprocket combos anymore. Just get this tensioner and an 82 link chain and be done with it.

A fantastic upgrade for any stock or tuned Lambretta.

Don't forget to locktite those allen screws when you install them!

Fits all Series 1-GP Lambrettas except TV1 models but does that really surprise anyone?

Made in Germany


(No reviews yet) Write a Review