BGM Engine Gasket Set - 2 Port 125/150


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BGM PRO silicone engine gasket set for Vespa largeframe 2-channel engines 1959-1969

Sprint150 (VLB1T), GT125 (VNL2T), GL150 (VLA1T), Super125/150 (VNC1T/VBC1T), VNB, VBA, VBB


The BGM PRO Silicone Motor Gasket Set is specifically suitable for motors of the so-called large frame models between 1959-1969.
These vehicles can be recognized by the removable side cover (with sealing rubber) on the engine side as well as a carburetor which is located in a closed box directly on the engine housing (not on the cylinder). Compared to the later versions with three overflow channels in the cylinder/engine housing, these engines have a slightly different hole pattern for the screw connection of the housing halves. The BGM PRO gasket set is manufactured exactly for these old housing forms. The gasket set also includes specific gaskets for the float chamber covers of the original carburettors (SI20/15, SI20/17) used on these models.

BGM PRO Silicone gasket sets consist of a 0.5mm thick, high quality coated gasket paper (like Piaggio "green" original). In addition, the seals, which are always in contact with oil, have a layer of silicone sealant already applied. This provides for an increased surface pressure of the seal. In addition, the silicone sealant also seals the cold engine much better due to the permanently flexible sealing compound. Thus the engine always remains tight and the oil where it belongs and where it is useful.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review