3.3 Gallon Mid-Range Fuel Tank-Bolt On

Piston Ported

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Product Overview

Here is a very nice quality 12.5 liter/3.3 gallon Lambretta long range fuel tank. Comes in powder coated mild steel so run it as is or scuff it and paint it to match the rest of your guts.

Replaces your stock air box so you will need to run a pod filter on your carb unless you have a Serveta that uses the combined airbox/toolbox.   Comes with bolt on brackets for super easy fitment.

Great any stock or tuned Lambretta.

Don't forget to grab a fuel tap while your at it.

fits S1-S3/GP models 

*Some late model Servetas do not have the drillings for the air scoop under the seat. If you want to fit to one of those, you will need to either drill the mounting holes or get one that uses straps instead.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review