Lambretta Gearbox Endplate and Gearbox Removal

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How-To video on removing the gearbox endplate and withdrawing the gearbox:

Which Hydraulic Disc Brake Combination do I need?

If you are newer to Lambrettas, it may be a daunting task so we put together this little guide to help you identify what you need: Switch types: S1/2 LI: Fits all Series 1/2 models. On TV1/TV2 models you will need to fit an LI handlebar switch.Series 3 LI: Fits all Series 3 LI 125/150 models. Also [...]

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Removing Clutch and Primary on Lambretta

Here is the next video in our series where we installed a Crimaz 5 Speed in my Vijai Super. Here we removed the clutch and front sprocket so we could gain access to the gearbox endplate:

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How-to video: removing bodywork

Basic how-to on removing the bodywork to access the chaincase on a Lambretta Series 1-3/GP

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Piston Ported How-to Videos on YouTube

A few weeks back we started shooting a string of videos for Youtube to cover all the aspects of working on vintage scooters. It will take time to truly fill it out but we are already well on our way. Our first video discusses the Crimaz 5 speed Lambretta gearbox that we can special order here.Subscribe to [...]

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Piston Ported Cockeyed Art

Recently there has been a bit of a surge in Cockeyed Skull artwork either made by yours truly or by fans of this silly little vintage scooter parts business.  I will do my best to present this art here as well as on our Facebook page. If you would like to create some art of your [...]

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