Tube and Tubeless Roadside Tire Repair Kit

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Product Overview

  • Immediate trail or roadside repair and reinflation of a punctured tire
  • Deluxe tube/tubeless kit contains a buffer/stitcher tool, rubber cement, three 1-1/4" round patches, two 2" round patches, one 1-5/8" x 3" oblong patch, five 4-1/2" reinforced string plugs, a split-eye needle insertion tool; also includes a 5' Engine-Air tire pump hose and Engine-Air valve and adapters, a reamer/rasp tool, valve cap/core remover, hand cleaner and towel, three patch/plugs (from the inside/out) and two 9-1/2" steel tire levers in a 5" x 10" zippered pouch
  • CO² tube/tubeless kit contains the above patches and plugs, plus four CO² canisters and adapter for immediate inflation; also includes rubber cement, repair tools, valve cap, replacement core, hand cleaner and towel in a zippered vinyl pouch
  • Replacement parts also available
  • CO² cartridges cannot be transported on an aircraft.

Don't have a spare? Well this will get you back on the road instead of calling for a tow truck.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review