Motion Pro Metric Bearing and Seal Driver Set

Motion Pro

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Product Overview

  • Fits bearing with 12-25mm i.d. and 32-47mm o.d.
  • Adapters can be changed quickly to accommodate a wide range of bearing combinations
  • Durable steel handle and anodized aluminum drivers
  • Can be used with a hammer or shop press
  • Laser-etched adapters for easy identification
  • Comes with protective blow-molded case

This is hands down the best bearing driver set yoiu can get. Not only is it metric, it has raised lips so you are only driving on the outer race of the bearing. Expensive? Yep, but it will last you a long, long time.

*Does not include a drift large enough to install the drive side crank bearing or rear hub bearing on a Lambretta S1-3/GP or the the drive side crank bearings on Vintage Vespa Large frames.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review