Motion Pro Cable Luber V3

Motion Pro

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Product Overview

  • Original design that seals completely around the cable housing
  • Makes it easy to clean and lubricate control cables
  • Less mess and minimal wasted lubricant
  • Unique design makes it the best-sealing cable luber on the market
  • Works on most control cables with 4 mm to 8 mm outside diameter housing
  • Seals over free-spinning end fittings
  • Adjustable plunger ensures efficient use of cable lube
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best if used with Motion Pro Cable Lube (PART #3607-0024; sold separately)
  • Patent pending

If you are not using a cable luber, you are missing out. Not only is your riding experience suffering because your cable are stiff, but frankly your cables are wearing out faster.

The V3 is the latest and greatest of cable lubing designs and priced accordingly. We also sell basic lubers and luber sets if you prefer the traditional style.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review