Varitronic Ignition LI/TV/SX

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Product Overview

The Varitronic ignition for Lambrettas was an industry first and still one of if not the best ignition available for Lambrettas.

3 different pre-set ignition curves makes this the perfect ignition for stock or tuned Lambrettas.

Fires twice per rotation to burn excessive unburnt gases to provide clean running

12V/90W AC and DC power provides bright lights and fitment to both battery and non-battery models.

Includes everything needed to fit, the Varitronic is a complete electronic ignition solution for your Lambretta.

This particular one is designed to fit the LI/SX/TV crank taper so it will fit any S1-GP Lambretta fitted with an LI/SX/TV crank.

(Does not fit TV1 models but what does?)

*Does not include mounts for CDI or Regulator but the compact size makes them easy to adapt to your model*

Made in Italy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review