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Liedolsheim 47 teeth, 7-plate Clutch Lambretta GP/DL


Product Description

*This product is made to order and located in Europe. Expect 6-8 weeks before delivery*

Known worldwide as the best Lambretta clutch money can buy. 

7-plate Honda derivate clutch for Lambretta

7-plates without need for a spacer
Can bear 69% more torque than the 4-plate clutch (at same spring ratio and plate material).
More and thicker ears (8 instead of 6 on the standard plates) of the plates and thicker plates themselves allow for longer lifetime of the plates and bell. Higher thermal resilience through higher and better oil flow rate.
Requires less travel to release fully so clutch drag is a thing of the past.
(further reduction of the force necessary to pull the clutch by changing the leverage is currently in the testing phase)
No need for a tool to hold springs in place when assembling the clutch.

By using motorbike clutch plates the 'Liedolsheim' clutch is superior to all other Lambretta clutch systems available on the market. Since the Lambretta has been designed for a 4-plate clutch only relatively short clutch travel is possible due to the leverage of the clutch levers. Installing a 6 or 7-plate clutch with normal cork plates the clutch travel needed to disengage the clutch increases by 50% and 75% respectively. Therefore normal clutch travel is not enough to disengage the clutch completely, clutch drag is the result. The clutch plates of the 'Liedolsheim' clutch are not cork plated but are plated with a sintered metal which is not as compressible as cork. Additionally the clutch plates are thinner and have more oil grooves. All this helps reducing the clutch travel needed to disengage the clutch. Also, the plates are not expanding as much under heat as the cork plates do, which allows for an exact and constant pressure point.

We deliver the clutch with normal uprated springs, but of course you can install even harder springs, which should only become necessary with engines over 35hp. The clutch plates are narrower, but have the same outer diameter and hence a larger mean diameter. This means that one of these plates can transfer more torque than a standard plate.

Contrary to the popular fallacy that more friction surface means higher torque transfer the crucial factors for torque transfer are the mean diameter and of course the number of plates

This kit provides you with a modern clutch, the likes of which are also found in modern motorcycles. As with motorbikes you can shift into first gear, keep the clutch pulled in and push the bike backwards while revving up, no clutch drag whatsoever. At the same time the clutch is still easy to pull and hence makes stop&go traffic go easy on your underarm muscles.

The kit contains:

Outer Clutch Bell (rear sprocket), clutch centre spider, clutch pressure plate for GP, top steel plate, circlip, 6 steel plates, 7 clutch plates, uprated springs, rear sprocket bronze bushing.

The pressure plate for Li and the holding tool is available separately.

Winner of the Scootering test for "Heavy duty clutches"

Clutch has been tested by Worb5 with 55hp (with extra Malossi PX springs)
"best clutch in the world by a long way" Alan Skynner, GB
"the clutch that you do i used it in a sprint lammy with 42 bhp and was awesome." James Lancaster. GB

Fits all Series 1-GP lambrettas except TV1

Made in Germany

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  1. Best Clutch Ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 10th 2018

    How could the Germans be wrong?

6-8 Weeks