• Just look at how majestic that shit is?
  • Seriously, this fucker looks like a mutherfucking inch worm or some shit.
  • When you stack them you can't even tell how many you have from this angle.
  • Holy shit, they are straight up defying gravity here. That's some serious shit!

Lambretta SIL 11 Piece Gearbox Shim Kit

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Product Description

Super duper Lambretta Gearbox Shim Kit!

Not the most exciting this in the world but they certainly serve a purpose.

Includes 11 shims (may include a double or 2) but I use this kit and have never found myself without the proper shim on hand when performing a rebuild so it's definitely a good investment.

Made in India but the fine folks at Scooters India Limited

Fits all Series 1-GP Lambrettas except the TV1, because well nothing fits a TV1!

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