• Lambretta Hydraulic front disc brake
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  • LI S1/2 Brake Perch
  • LI Series 3 Brake Perch
  • SX/TV/GP/DL Brake Perch
  • Late Serveta Brake Perch with Space Shuttle Switches
  • Late Indian Brake Perch
  • Fitted to Series 3 LI
  • Includes front brake switch although you will need to drill a hole to route the wiring.
  • Fitted to Series 3 LI
  • Fitted to Series 3 LI
  • Fitted to Series 3 LI

Lambretta Hydraulic Front Disc Brake


Product Description

Please read this for help determining which switch and fork link type you have.

What's that? An affordable fully hydraulic disc brake option that is made from quality parts exists? Finally our dream is a reality!

Introductory price of $349.95 makes this a killer deal!

These hydraulic front disc brakes use a purpose made pressure cast front hub with stand-offs to attach the rotor.

They come complete and assembled with bearings and axle so all you need to do is decide how to route your hose, install it and bleed the system.

This kit uses a Nissin front caliper, Honda rotor and OEM Piaggio front brake hose. These parts give the brake a nice firm feel and provide enough lever feedback so you know exactly what is happening when braking.

You will need to notch out the headset to run the hose on Series 3/GP's. On Series 1/2 models you can route the hose through the steering head clamp bolt access hole (you will need to get a longer brake line).

Have a kitted Lambretta? Stop risking your skin with that weak front brake and get a proper hydraulic disc!

Don't forget to get some progressive springs and fit front dampers if you don't already have them. Mounts are available here. This will minimize front end dive when braking and offer very predictable and incredible stopping power. 

These all come to fit drum fork links. If you have disc links as found on TV/SX and Italian GP/DL models, you will need to order the correct caliper mounting bracket here.



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