Piston Ported Cockeyed Art

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Recently there has been a bit of a surge in Cockeyed Skull artwork either made by yours truly or by fans of this silly little vintage scooter parts business.  I will do my best to present this art here as well as on our Facebook page. 

If you would like to create some art of your own, here is some links to the cockeyed skull files:

Photoshop PSD file: 


PNG file:


Here is some examples of Cockeyed Art from our Facebook page:

Mitch Ryder "Sock it to Me!" Cockeyed Art:

Dio "Holy Diver" Cockeyed Art:

Skelator Cockeyed Art by Jonathan Scott of the PVSC:

Motorhead Cockeyed Art by Jonathan Scott of the PVSC:

Fabio Cockeyed Art:

8-Bit Cockeyed Art by Brooke Kelley (no clubs/lone wolf):

Johnny Cash Cockeyed Art:

Skull and Oats by Matt DeVries of the LCUSA:

That's it so far but don't be afraid to make your own. Just be sure to post it up on our Facebook page or email it us so we can share your art with the world!

*By using the cockeyed skull and creating and submitting fan art, you are hereby agreeing for us to post, share and use it. We may even use it on a banner or something at some point. If for some reason we decide to use your design on a t-shirt, poster or the library of congress decides to do an install on 21st century Cockeyed Art, we will contact you to negotiate the terms of use.