Bel-Ray Gear Saver 80W Gearbox Oil

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Product Overview

  • Prevents metal to metal contact caused by heavy shock loads during on/off throttle operation
  • Special lubricity additives cling to metal surfaces reducing internal friction
  • Eliminates wear by chemically bonding to gear wear areas
  • High film strength and reduced film thickness lower internal drag and heat build-up
  • Prevents viscosity loss due to shear
  • Meets the frictional requirements for improved grip and smooth power transfer without clutch slippage or grabbing for consistent hole-shot performance
  • Meets or exceeds API GL-4 and GL-5 requirements

Our personal go-to gearbox oil for all Lambretta chaincases. Fantastic long term performance and great clutch feel.

1 Liter Bottle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review