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1 Liter Huenersdorff Fuel Friend Jerry Can

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Product Description

Handy 1 Liter Jerry Can fits inside the glovebox of your Vespa or in an under-panel toolbox on your Lambretta. This size is especially great as these can be used for either fuel or 2 stroke oil.   

As a small reserve of gas, these could get you to the next station when are on a longer trip or traveling some of the less populated parts of the country.

As an oil container for your 2T you can enjoy the sweet pleasure of not having everything in your glovebox covered in a thin coating of 2 stroke oil due to the leak-proof seal.

Don't forget the stowable fuel spout so you can pore it in your tank without spilling!

7" Tall x 5" Wide x 3" Deep

Made in Germany

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